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When you’re starting out in business you need a team on your side. When you’re a science or tech innovator, you need a community.

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Grassroots is a hub of creativity and innovation, teeming with ambitious minds looking to make an impact on the world. Our network fosters collaboration, helping early-stage science and technology entrepreneurs come up with ingenious solutions and make the breakthroughs they are looking for.

To enhance these opportunities for growth, we host a range of regular networking socialising events are – giving you the chance to rub shoulders with your soon-to-be successful peers who could help propel your future projects.

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Surround yourself with inspiration and expertise and tap into a community that specialises in science and technology – and turning it into a thriving business.

Leverage the know-how of our skilled in-house business support team, who are here to support you on your growth journey. From questions on the logistics of running of your business to strategic decision-making advice, we have the expertise and connections to push your business forward.

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Leadership: Don’t Waste Your Time – workshop for Scale-up Leaders by Horizon37

Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Harwell, Didcot

A 2-hour workshop for scale-up leaders to discover how coaching can drive business results and acquire techniques to achieve impactful outcomes.

Define leadership outcomes to drive business results and commit to effective de-prioritisation

Set up the conditions that you and your fellow leaders need, to thrive and grow personally

Gather sufficient and necessary insight on the state and needs of your leadership and align the right people to roles that maximise their value in the business

Design and execute a targeted and iterative leadership programme, of finite length, with clear outcomes for your business

£100 – £750

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Put down roots in a well-established business community of science and technology innovators.

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