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Meet Dr Dongli Li the founder and VP in technology at GaitQ.

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Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. We celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements while highlighting their problems in day-to-day life and the professional environment. For this year, we are taking the opportunity to highlight the work of our female leaders at Grassroots Workspace.

Meet Dr Dongli Li, the founder and VP in technology at GaitQ, a spinout company from the University of Oxford aiming to improve the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s. She is a biomedical engineer with a PhD in Healthcare Innovation. Her interest is in Medtech and digital health, and has done projects in multiple healthcare fields, including cancer therapy, neurological conditions, diet, and weight management.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired Dongli. Dongli says, “Ruth was very successful in her career, and she used her position to make a positive impact on women’s rights. Her own story of fighting cancer while keeping doing her job for so many years is also very inspiring, which I believe should be heard more.

Access to education, fighting female genital mutilation, and child marriage are the most important cases Dongli believe need to be tackled first, changed and challenged first.

Dongli feels empowered in her story. She said, “I was very fortunate not to suffer most of the discrimination that women have to face. However, it is noticeable that as a woman, I always need to go a bit further to have my accomplishments recognised. There are several initiatives to support women in leadership and entrepreneurship, and it is encouraging to see more and more women taking executive positions and helping each other out.”

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