Grassroots Community Members & Horizon37

'Make skilful, timely decisions - then communicate them powerfully'

February 25th 2022

Horizon37 designs and delivers leadership coaching programmes for scale-up exec and non-exec teams, enabling them to succeed in breaking new ground.

Following the success of ‘the Valuable Boards‘ workshop in November, Katy Tuncer from Horizon37 and Oxford Sciences Enterprises Grassroots decided to run more of these interactive sessions.

Katy ran an excellent workshop ”Decision Making at the Top’ on Thursday the 17th of February.

Key questions considered included;

● Which decisions truly deserve my time and attention? How do I identify
the most important decisions?
● What stops me making the most optimal, skilful decisions that I can?
● How should we make and communicate decisions for maximum positive
impact on business results?

And the key outcomes;

● Prioritise decisions and allocate appropriate resource to make each one.
● Explore the risks of hasty or stalled decision-making.
● Choose timing and criteria for important decisions in your business.
● Communicate powerfully to manage expectations and win stakeholder trust.
● Mitigate against cognitive biases.
● Identify decision-making roles and apply a simple four-step process for effective decision making.

Thank you Katy.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and we’re really looking forward to the next one!

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